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You are at the right place to get your problems and concerns sorted and your business IT moved up into the Cloud. Easy, secure, plain English, and with the Cloud experts for kiwi small to medium businesses and organisations.

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Taking you to the Cloud

The simply reality is that the world has moved on, and the Internet now offers a great many well-established, practical, cost-effective, safe and reliable solutions that can be easily implemented in your business or organisation. The reality also is that the Internet is a minefield.
It changes all the time, sales claims don’t always stack up when it gets to the nitty-gritty, and even many IT people have not kept up with what the Internet offers. The challenge is finding the right people to help you make changes that are good for you and your kiwi small to medium business or organisation.
And that’s where BestCloud comes in. We understand your whole IT setup, and we specialise as the Cloud solution experts. We can work alongside your regular IT support or in-house person. We’d love to be of service.

What We Deliver

Don’t get caught out if something goes wrong or fails. We can replace every bit of your IT, except for your data. Online storage is secure, accessible, flexible and gives you peace of mind. Work from anywhere, respond quickly if there is a disaster. Contact us for online document and cloud file storage solutions based on Dropbox for Business and OneDrive.
Still using an Xtra or Gmail email address? Your key to your internet presence and increasingly to all the programs and service providers that need access to it, your Domain is more important than it has ever been. Get your Domain through us. Keep it safe, keep it under your ownership. Contact us for Domain management and web hosting services. Look professional.
Still using old email that doesn’t sync seamlessly between your devices, doesn’t use your company Domain name, or is a hassle to change when people move on? There’s no excuse these days for not having secure, flexible, business grade email. Contact us to sort you an Office 365 Exchange Online, Microsoft Outlook or Gmail solution.
Are your team working off the same page? Are they sharing and collaborating to be efficient and get the best result? The Cloud brings simple and effective tools for scheduling, sharing ideas, communicating and working together. Give your business the edge it needs, contact us to get your team working together.
Don’t get caught out if something goes wrong or fails. Don’t get caught out if someone makes a mistake or acts with malicious intent. You can replace your computers and software, but you can’t replace your data if its lost. Online backup gives you peace of mind and resilience. Don’t risk your business by not having a decent backup solution in place. Contact us now.
These days people expect you to have a web presence, and that’s a website not just a social media page. Do you just need a good looking ‘brochure’ of who you are and what you do, or could you be growing your business by selling from a web shop? Older websites need periodic refreshes to keep them looking good. Contact us for all websites and e-commerce sites.
Not just viruses, trojans, hackers or disaffected current or ex-team members, you also have ransomware to contend with. There are practical and cost-effective things you should be doing to massively reduce your risk and the damage you suffer, and to increase your chance of being able to recover if you are hit. Contact us for as security audit now.
IT issues cause frustration and lost productivity. Like any machine, your cloud solutions will need occasional tuning and updating. You may want help setting up new team members or removing access from departing ones, or implementing new business processes. We at BestCloud are here when you need us.

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