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Taking you to the Cloud


Our vision is that businesses work better, more profitably and more sustainably, because they successfully take advantage of what the Cloud offers them.

Our mission is to deliver and support safe, secure, effective and practical Cloud-based Information and Communication Technology solutions and support for Kiwi small to medium businesses and organisations (SMEs).

Information Technology has added much to business over the last decades, and many SMEs now find it difficult to do their work without computers and IT. But often this has come at cost and with frustrations.

Cloud solutions are not perfect either, but they take IT to a whole new level. Never before has so much power and flexibility been available to SME’s. Capability that cost many thousands of dollars a decade ago now costs hundreds, or less. Our job is to bring that to you, put it into place and support you if you need it.


By ‘you’ we mean the people in small and medium enterprises in New Zealand. You are hard-working, employ people and deliver the services and products our country and communities need. You come from all walks of life. But your business or organisation need to work, and you look for every advantage you can get. Most of you are not ICT or Cloud experts; you have better things to do with your time.

We’re here to help you get and use the Cloud-based IT solutions that help your business to work better.


We are a Kiwi company. We started more than 20 years as a provider of IT services to local businesses and consumers. We’ve grown with the IT industry, seen its changes, its promises, and its failures. We’ve embraced and mastered Cloud solutions for SMEs in NZ.

We’ve worked with many businesses in ICT and in business advisory roles, and understand what you need to help you work better and be more successful.

In today’s world, we retain our professional IT services company delivering local ICT solutions, and we have the BestCloud division to deliver Cloud-based solutions wherever you are in NZ as long as you have Internet access.

This allows BestCloud to focus 100% on delivering practical secure and cloud-based services for Kiwi SMEs.

We work to be the trusted, safe, cloud experts.

Ready to go to the cloud?